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Best little fitness studio around.  Whylite Fitness Studio & Wellness was founded in April of 2022 in Leduc, Alberta. This $200K facility has 2100 sq feet of space.  We can focus on the highest quality of one on one training for our clients with ZERO membership fees; all within a private setting.  

This is truly a big box gym shoved into a little box.  

Training sessions are 30 minutes long and are half the price offered by our competitors; providing true value.  Trainers are certified and have personal experience in the fitness and bodybuilding sector.  Whether your goals are just to improve your daily activities and emotional confidence through stability, mobility, flexibility, strength and/or endurance training: we can help.  Your Safety is also our number one concern; studio is equipped with an AED and First Aid Kit and our Trainers are CPR Certified.

 If privacy with focused coaching in a judgment free environment is your ideal exercise scenario this is the place for you.

Our Story

The Team

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12 Month Transformation

5 session/week for 52 Weeks

Use Coupon Code AUG202023

Wedding, Photo Shoot, Summer Body Transformation Package

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Shane White - Owner and Ace Certified Personal Trainer

- Shockwave Technician

- Injury Recovery Specialist

- Nutrition Guide

- 30+ yrs experience in the fitness industry


Leah Lalwet - Owner and Certified Massage Therapist

- Shockwave Technician

- 7+ yrs experience in the massage therapy

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