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Meet Shane White Owner Certified Personal Trainer

Shane was raised on a dairy farm near the hamlet of Keephills, Alberta. Working hard and lifting heavy items was a daily routine. At the age of 12 yrs old Shane received a Christmas gift of 10lbs dumbbells. For two years Shane trained with these dumbbells and did pushups. At the age of 14 he purchased his first workout bench and 315lbs of Olympic bars and weights.

34 years later and now Shane is competing in his 11th bodybuilding competition In pursuit of an IFBB pro card. In 2017 Shane graduated with a diploma in personal training and passed the ACE Certification exam. For the past three years Shane has helped over 100 folks pursue their passions in fitness as a personal trainer. If your looking for a trainer who works hard and has endless dedication to fitness this is the guy. A wealth of knowledge comes with 34 yrs of experience in the fitness industry.

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Sure has helped me transform my body as well as my mental state. I absolutely love working out now and crave it as its my stress release.

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