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We are more than just fitness we are also Wellness

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Since the beginning, when I began to train folks, my dream has always been to provide a level of service to my athletes that would improve their active daily living. By adding Yoga, Shockwave, and Massage I came to the realization that we are more than just a fitness studio; we are also a wellness facility. Being 51 years old and with an understanding at how hindering an injury/pain can be to ones life, it has always been, in my best interest to be at my best possible health as I age. We can all admit, that our health, when it's lacking or gone and is so hard to win back. New name but still the same amazing service. Whylite Fitness Studio & Wellness is here for you. We will share our resources so our athletes can enjoy a happier, healthier, and reduced pain life. As we walk with you while we all continue to age it is our dream to reduce the negative effects that this process can have. We celebrate with you as together we fight the effects of time to a more fulfilling future.

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