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What does it take?

At the initiation process of acquiring a trainer every client goes through the explanation ritual of sharing their goals with their soon to be coach. Although everyone’s goals are unique to them what might surprise you is that they overlap with so many. Let’s be honest here for just a moment. We all know how the media displays fitness and the folks that get the most attention have beautiful abs and chiseled bodies. If there was a magic pill that one could take once and have that; who wouldn’t take it? Ideally whether a client tells me they want this look or not deep down inside I am confident they would embrace it if the magic happened. The beauty of fitness is goals can change regardless of what inspires us to begin with. As long as being a better healthier you is achieved I know my work is a success. Is the media blitz body possible? Of course but the discipline to make that happen is huge. This picture attached to this blog shows you what tenacious work of 5 yrs can accomplish. Every meal, sleep, workout and day was focused on growth. The results only being that I compete on stage 14lbs heavier than I did on my first show. What does it take? It takes everything!!!

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